Welcome to Charlottesville!


Hello from Charlottesville, VA!

Nick and I are on day three in our transition from our forever home in Pittsburgh to our new home in Charlottesville, and in the little time that we’ve been here, so much has happened.

We are the luckiest because we have my wonderful family helping us transition. They’ve helped build new things, make a room full of boxes look like an actual living room, and just love us and be there for us when we need it the most. Sadly, they will be leaving tomorrow, and I think we will survive, though I will miss them terribly.

Since we’ve been here, we have tried so many new restaurants (yes, already in the first few days), transformed an apartment (well, still very much in the process), hiked up a mountain, and of course had some really good beer when we got down to the bottom of that mountain.



This hike is tough. It is just straight up for about thirty minutes. My mom and I were definitely trailing in the back, wishing it would end sooner. To me, though, it is fun doing challenging things when you have the people you love beside you. We definitely had fun, but more importantly we endured the challenge to get to the incredible view. 
This hike can be a metaphor of our trip so far, moving to a new place, and just a metaphor for life. It’s been a challenge, it will continue to be a challenge for both Nick and I to be in a new place far from all of the people that we love at home, but the outcome is bound to be amazing. We get to endure this challenge together, and we know we will have friends and family to share it with along the way. I have to remember how blessed we are to be in a place where we already know others…how blessed we are that our family is supporting us from home and we will still see them often…how blessed we are to be doing this adventure together. 
These days have truly been a blessing, even the hard parts, and today will be spent enjoying the last day with my family here. 
If any friends or family from home are reading this: we love you very much, we miss you, and we can’t wait to see you soon!

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