It has been just over one week since we’ve moved, our apartment is (almost) set up completely, and most days I don’t even know what I feel!

Moving is a strange thing- leaving everything you know for this brand new place- it’s all exciting and at the same time it feels like your being ripped away from what you love, and put in this position where you really can’t get back to it, at least not on a regular basis. At least that’s what it feels like for me.

I miss a lot of things about home. I miss the convenience of walking down the street to get to my parents’ house. I miss walking down the street to see any of my family that I’d want to see, in fact. I miss our church, I miss my parents’ front porch. I miss my brother just stopping by at our little apartment. I miss the warmth of family, most of all- always having someone to hang out with because I’m lucky enough to have my family as my best friends. 

I miss friends too, the few I’d see often. I miss coffee at curbside with Natalie. And frozen yogurt with Katie. I even miss exploring Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh and my little home town- I don’t love them that much until I leave them. I think that could be true for many people that I know. Pittsburgh is kind of a drab of a place- yet when you leave there’s not really any other place you’d rather be.

And I don’t think it’s the place. I once heard it said that what makes a place is the people in them, and that’s what it is for me. Home is the best place in the world to me- this small town that is so depressing sometimes- because of the people there, the people that raised me with so much love.

But the fact of the matter is I am not there, I am here. I am in this vibrant place called Charlottesville and I have to start calling this home, too, or it will never be. I don’t want it to be home forever, but for a time, it is, and it has to be. So my decision is to call both places home, and love them both the best I can. 

So, since my last post; I’ve cried saying goodbye to my wonderful family, I’ve spent hours in HomeGoods (best store ever) finding a way to organize our small space, Nick and I ran to the downtown mall and found that we are easily walking distance (16 minute walk, 8 minute jog), and we’ve found a few more good places to eat (it’s easy because every other business is a restaurant). 


These pictures are from the morning of a sad goodbye. Some of us were crying a little (my mom and I), so our faces look crazy. Sorry about that. 

And here are some pictures of Nick and I at our first dinner out with just us in Charlottesville (when we ran to the downtown mall). 

Below, you will see the downtown mall, it’s the cutest place!

Also, we checked out a church and loved it. There was a banjo in the worship band and they played needtobreathe, so that’s always a plus. But seriously, the place was so welcoming and the church was pretty small- I’ve been aching for a smaller church community in this journey. 

And today, Nick went off to his first day of teacher orientation and looked handsome as ever. I’m avidly still searching for a job and hoping something comes along. Prayers are appreciated!

I will leave you with a lovely picture of my dad standing on a swing in a bar and being ridiculous in public. One of the many reasons we love him so much, always making us laugh!


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