Getting Creative with Fitness.

Through a little bit of searching I have quickly found that the gyms around here aren’t very affordable. I have never actually joined a gym in my life- other than Slippery Rock’s ARC, though that wasn’t by choice. I always was able to have access to my Dad’s awesome home gym in my parents’ basement. Anyways, I was pretty excited about joining a gym once we got here, so needless to say I was a bit bummed when I heard some of the prices.


I guess the idea isn’t out completely- we still are going to tour a gym tomorrow and find out the pricing and if its affordable we might go for it. But the more I thought about it, it would probably be a great money saver to just let go of the idea. Nick can work out at the school where he is coaching, so that is not a big deal. For me, I started thinking about how my motivation to work out pretty much leaves me when I have to actually go somewhere to do it. During the beginning of my fitness journey (my senior year of college), I had access to an awesome gym yet I stuck with youtube workouts that worked my butt of each day.
As of right now, I would say I’m going to be sticking with at home workouts. I know sometimes it can seem hard to find the good ones, so I probably will continually post the ones that I love to share them with you!
Yesterday, I did this cardio workout:
The title “CafeMom” cardio kind of turned me off of it a bit at first, but I’m so glad I decided to do it! I only did 24 minutes of it (I often skip the whole cool down part which probably isn’t good) and burned 222 calories according to my heart rate monitor! It keeps you moving the whole time and it is a great calorie burner! Typically, I’d probably pair this with some strength, but I need to build my “gym” with some dumbbells and kettle bells before that starts. It was quick, and a great workout.
I also stumbled upon a great blog that posts awesome at home workouts, many of them outside. This blog is just full of fitness and health tips in general:  Simply Taralynn
In conclusion, I’m going to make the terrain of Charlottesville plus my little tiny living room my gym. Who needs to pay 50 dollars a month (for one person)? I don’t NEED a gym to stay healthy. If you are in the same situation, I’m going to continue posting health and fitness finds and tips for working out at home!

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