Apartment Warming Life.

I say “Apartment Warming Life” because my life has literally consisted of fixing up this new little apartment every day. There are a few things I’ve learned in the process:

1. Bed Bath and Beyond is the worst store to try to push a cart through (I may have hit into people/ objects more than a few times).

2. HomeGoods is one of God’s greatest creations in the apartment/ home realm. I got some of the cutest things there (and will most likely continue to), and will include pictures of them.

3. Redecorating and reorganizing hurts my back. Ouch. 

Now, here is another list- things I’m loving in my new apartment:

1. Chalkboards:

I got this roll of chalkboard sticker from Michael’s around Valentine’s Day to create something for Nick. I’ve used it for the wedding, and now for decorating the apartment. 


This one is just a square cut out from my chalkboard sticker roll and stuck onto the fridge. It’s just a fun little space for Nick and I to write messages to each other.

IMG_1980This is made from using a frame (a cheap one from Walmart) and sticking the chalkboard sticker over the glass in the frame. I’ve placed it on the wall next to the stove to use as a meal-planning space/ dinner menu for the week.

I have a few other chalkboard ideas, but this is all for now!

2. Cute Little Baskets:

I’ve been using small baskets to use for storage around this tiny place (with only one big closet for storage). I got all three of these from the amazing HomeGoods!IMG_1986

This one is adorable, medium sized, and as of right now I’m using it to store mail and some other random things. I absolutely love the quote, and it reminds me why we’re on this journey in Charlottesville- to eventually bring us home. IMG_1985

This is a big basket that I’m seriously loving. Right now it just has some blankets and umbrellas, but I have bigger plans for it (once I figure out what those plans are).IMG_1983

And this is a tiny basket used to keep the top of the sink organized. I just have my essentials in here and it works perfectly so they don’t get spread out all over the sink!

3. Bookshelves:

Well, more like book shelf. I love our bookshelf. And we got it for 30 bucks at target…you really can’t beat that. I’m just waiting for it to collapse because I still can’t believe it was actually only 30 dollars.


4. My Kitchen Window:

We have nice big window ledges- I actually think our windows are box windows, but I’m not sure if that is the correct term. Anyways, I’m loving decorating the window ledges and using them as storage, so here is my favorite one in the whole house!IMG_1981

I know the lighting is not the best in this picture, but I clearly love using the little space. We are proudly displaying our North Country growler, and a mug from New York housing ticket stubs for Once among other things!

I can’t wait til our apartment is completely organized and clean- soon! And when that finally happens, I plan on uploading more ways that I have organized and decorated this small, adorable little place that Nick and I are calling home for now!


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