To the amazing teachers who can’t get a job.

(This post might apply to you most if you are a PA teacher, or if you’re me, and you moved to hopefully find a job, but unknowingly moved to another area where it’s hard to find a teaching job.)

I went to school to learn to teach because I am excited about the opportunity to make a difference. I want to teach because I have hope for the age group that not many see hope in. I believe in middle school and high school students, I believe that they can make a difference, they can be motivated, they can be great, and more importantly, they can do great things. 

And I’d imagine that your story is similar. You went to school to be a teacher because you love kids of whatever age you are certified to teach. You want to make a difference. You want them to feel loved and cared for, even if their home situation tells them differently. And you want them to know that they are great, they are amazing, and no matter what their circumstances, they absolutely can do great things.

If you’re like me, you probably feel pretty frustrated at this point. Maybe you’re still in school and you realize the job market just isn’t looking up. Or maybe, like me, you’ve been job searching for about a year now and still, nothing, no matter how sure you are that you had a great interview and were sure that job was the one. Or maybe it’s been three years, or five, or even eight. And you couldn’t find a teaching job because you didn’t want to move, or maybe you realistically couldn’t move for whatever reason or circumstance. Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to give up on that dream that you put so much time, money, heart, and life into. 

It starts to feel pretty bad, doesn’t it? It starts to feel like maybe you’re not good enough, or maybe this isn’t the right career for you. Can I just ask you to please not give up on this?

You’re the one they need. You want this so bad, and the students, they need you to keep trying no matter how tough it gets. Because once you get there, you’re going to change lives, and your life will be changed as well.  And this whole seemingly hopeless search- it’ll be worth it. 

I write this because I need to remind myself, too. I need to remember my passion for this- how much I need it, and that God called me to it.

It feels awful, though, like I’m a hamster on a wheel, running full speed ahead but making zero progress. I interview three or four times within a few weeks, I hear nothing. And subbing, though it may be one of the only ways for teachers to get experience without an actual teaching job, doesn’t count as valid experience to administrators. 

We can’t win. That’s how it feels, doesn’t it? But someday, something has got to give, and some administrator will actually hire the right person for the right reason, and that person will be you. And you’ll do exactly what you were made to do. You’ll change lives.


Some days, it hurts, and I’d rather give up than keep feeling rejection. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing I’m not alone in this..So please, let’s do this together. Keep giving it your all. Encourage one another. Don’t give up. 


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