Because it was LIFE, and I decided to live it.

Today I had this moment that I thought would take a lot longer to happen.

I had a busy day. Typically, I have to think hard to figure out something to do with my day (currently unemployed until the school year starts with a husband that is currently working 10 hours a day). 

But today was different. Today I had to do laundry, go to the gym, go to an interview,and go grocery shopping all before 2pm. Let me explain why that would be hard for me- doing laundry actually means that I have to leave my house and go to a laundromat, my interview was at 11:30, and I wanted to grocery shop but knew I couldn’t anytime after 1pm just in case I cut close to getting home past 2pm which is when my husband would need the car. I also really wanted to go to the gym. 

So while my laundry was doing its thing, I went to the gym which took longer than I thought. I then rushed back to the laundromat, folded clothes, hurried home, got ready for the interview in less than 20 minutes (seriously) and arrived at the interview place.

The actual interview was wonderful. It was with a teaching agency that just helps connect candidates with private schools, and the people were wonderful, helpful, and hopeful! After the interview, I promptly went to Whole Foods to get a few necessary things.

This is where the moment happens- I am on my way out and I see the coffee stand and I get myself some delicious blueberry iced tea. While walking to my car in the Virginia heat and iced tea in hand, I actually find myself excited that I am where I am. 


I was excited to move, sure. But since I’ve been here…let’s just say it hasn’t been easy. I think subconsciously I was trying not to love it so that I could save all my love for going back home eventually (and make that a fast “eventually,” please).

Random, yes, that an iced tea and some heat should change my mind and shift my heart. But I’m not entirely sure it was that (though a good iced tea can really get me). In the past week, I’ve been meeting new, wonderful people, I’m getting involved at our new church, I have been going to the cutest little gym and keeping myself healthy, I’m learning a lot about myself through my hours alone, and I’m enjoying this time to seriously just breathe. Also, we have great grocery stores within 5 minutes which always makes me happy. 

I’m facing it- I’m here to stay. Not forever, but for now. This is my life right now, why not love it fully? When you involve yourself in the place around you- the people, the culture, the life of it all- growing love for that place happens faster than you’d think.

Pittsburgh will always be home, but right now, I’m feeling some Virginia pride and feeling excited to actually be present where I am. 



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