This is me…on the best day of my life.

And this day was just a little over two months ago. If you’re married you probably can relate that, for me, this was a day when everything changed. But really, the big changes started happening about a month before this day.

This is my amazing, wonderful, hilarious, better half of a husband.

In April, this wonderful man got a job in Charlottesville, Virginia. We are both teachers (were both unemployed teachers before April) and so Western PA, our first home, wasn’t great for finding jobs. So we’re moving to Charlottesville. This wouldn’t be a huge deal, typically, but I personally have never been away from family for more than a month, and my family lives in one small town and never leaves, so you might see how this could be hard. It is different from all that I’ve ever known, and that is what makes it a big deal.

So anyways- about me. I am living in a brand new place, trying to make it a home. I am a follower of Jesus, I am a wife, I am a daughter, I am a friend. I am intrigued by health and fitness, I am trying with all of my might to find a job as an English teacher, I am a grad student, and I love to write. The writing you will find on here will probably be a little mix of all of these things.

And I’m writing this blog mostly because I love to write- writing helps me figure myself out just a little bit more, and it helps me figure out what God is teaching me through this crazy thing we call life. Writing helps change me for the better.

I’m also writing this blog because there are people that I love that are hours away from me and I can’t possibly talk to them every day, but I want to share my life in this new city with them.

Finally, I’m writing because I want to share my life and thoughts with you, whoever you are. Because when people read my writing, I feel a little nervous and self conscious and way too transparent- but I know that I need that. I need honesty and transparency from others- so I want to offer it to you, and if my writing is a way that I can do that, then I’ll write.

“Change is messy & unruly. Two steps forward/ five somersaults back. Like speaking a foreign language when all you want is to blurt everything out in your native tongue. We’ll get to the other shore, I think, but this right here is a note from the middle, the messy middle. If you’re in the messy middle, too, you’re not alone.”-Shauna Niequist

We’re all in the messy middle, I think, even if we don’t believe we are. I believe we need to share our experiences with each other, our interests, our talents, our hurts, our joys. Maybe then, we won’t feel alone in all of this. And we weren’t meant to feel alone, because we’re not. So the messy middle, that’s where I am, and these are my notes to you from that place. I think I like it.


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